The Complete Catcher 

Looking through the mask of a catcher

Catching has been a passion for Tyler since the day he stepped onto a baseball field. It has been bred into him, starting form his grandfather catching HOF Pitcher Bob Feller, to his dad being the backstop for legendary college coach Gary Ward at Oklahoma State. 

Yes, yes catching is in his DNA. 

"There's no other place on the field that I want to be, but behind the plate.You're in every play, you're the commander-in-chief!

There's no ONE physical model of a catcher, but the catcher must have at least these TWO attributes - one, they must be athletic and two, they must have the WANT to CATCH!" - Tyler Goodro





Elite Catcher Mindset

Building the complete catcher

Catchers who are emotionally and mentally intelligent have more capability commanding a pitching staff and the overall game.

The word that comes to mind when describing the Elite Catcher and their mindset, is LEADER. The elite catchers are effective communicators and do it with tone that is justifiable per the situation. 

Elite catchers need to prepare for the longevity of the season and have one speed throughout - their BEST SPEED. 



Pillars of the Complete Catcher

Character  - Command  - Compete 

Under the Tyler Goodro Catching model all catchers must possess three pillars in order to be in complete control of pitchers, their actions, and the outcome of the game: 

CHARACTER - First, the catcher must recognize what their job is. They are to provide a service to the team, coaches, and most importantly the pitchers. They are your quintessential "Clubhouse-Guy." They set the tone for the team on the field both verbally and nonverbally. Everything a catcher does on the field and off the field is extremely important. No little things exist being a catcher. How they carry themselves on field is critical to a teams tempo and balance. 

COMMAND - The Complete Catcher must know their limits, and have the ability to command a pitching staff and their defense. The catcher's character directly correlates to how they command their team by effectively communicating. Communication is an indispensable attribute for catchers that is an ongoing lifelong process. 

COMPETE - Is the catcher able take their character qualities and command principles to compete at their highest physical and mental levels of baseball? 


Field General Program

The most advanced comprehensive catcher development course in the Midwest, led by ex-professional catcher Tyler Goodro. This development course will encompass the physical and mental tools in preparation for the catchers working to advance their careers to the next level. 

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