Philosophy of Hitting

A wise person once said, "See Ball! Hit Ball!"

Too easy...right?

Baseball is a game that is constantly evolving and in an era where the ole "eye-test" just doesn't cut it anymore brings forth constant conversations(hours upon hours) about whether or not the hitter's barrel was on plane of the pitch, or not? 

What I am gesturing is front elbow tilting upward, back elbow slotted, barrel of the bat going at a 25-30 degree incline to 'force' the ball in the air, or something also called "Launch Angle." Major League Baseball's newest metric, in the Statistic* Era of Baseball, definition is "Launch Angle represents the vertical angle at which the ball leaves a player's bat after being struck. Average Launch Angle (aLA) is calculated by dividing the sum of all Launch Angles by all Batted Ball Events. (ref: -

My question to all the hitters I work with that have now added this term to their vocabularies, is "How was that LA created?"

Simple! Physical ability, physical strength, rhythm & timing, quality practice, understanding body movements & bio-mechanics of their swing. 

I do my best effort to make things simple or as I like to call it the KISS system(KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID). Thats it! None of this hocus pocus stuff that the barrel needs to be in this position in order to launch the ball over the fence. No, we shouldn't be worried about the angle of the ball coming off the bat; but more so the speed. Force x Mass = Acceleration.  Velocity, Speed, Time & Distance.


The B.L.A.S.T. System:

Base: Does the hitter fully understand where power comes from? Are they balanced, strong, and comfortable?

Leverage: Does the hitter use the ground and stay in the ground throughout the swing to create carry on the ball?

Approach: What is the hitter's mindset at the plate? Do they use a 6'2'' frame to hit like a 5'3'' or use their frame to an advantage? Understanding situations and what is called upon them?

Swing Mechanics: How does the barrel move through the zone? Is there a hitch or hiccup to the swing?

Timing: Does the hitter have rhythm and are they on time with the pitch when front toe strikes the ground. 





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